2 Apr

Building your Own WordPress Website

Building a WordPress Website is a seemingly easy task. Is it not just about choosing a domain, getting a web host, buying a theme and installing it? Well, building a functional and attractive WordPress site is a lot of work. You need to put a lot of thought into various aspects and invest some time and money in bringing them into reality. Here are some tips for building a WordPress Website:

Wordpress Webdesign

Homepage or Blog?
This is a crucial decision. Do you want your audience to see the home page first or the blog when they get to your WordPress site? A home page, in essence, tells the visitor who you are. Sometimes, if you want them to focus on the blog, you could set it as the first thing that the visitors see on your website. Remember, you can send traffic to your blog from social media. It is also easier to find the blog on the navigation menu. A home page is better, but if you need to highlight the blog for any reason, go on and do it.

An email list

You worked hard to get site visits. Why do you want to lose contact with the visitors? It is not easy to get a visitor to share their email address with you. The visitor needs to see value. You could give an eBook that solves your visitor’s problem, offer a downloadable audio (could be an interview, presentation, or conversation), give a tutorial that shows a technique that you have learned, or offer a short course.

Track, analyze and track again

One of the best tracking tools is Google Analytics. It will help you to see stats like the page with the highest traffic, where most of your traffic come from, and how people interact with your site. Stats will help you know what areas to improve on, and what your visitors prefer.


This is essential if your site is going to rank on Google. Get to know the keywords that are popular and create valuable content around them. Do not keyword stuff. There should be a balance between the value your content provides and keyword usage.


This is a tricky area. Creativity may turn out to be a disaster. If you are not sure about how colors work, go for 2 neutral colors. They should be contrasting. Shades of black and white will do. You can use 1 highlight color throughout the site (use it sparsely, though). Better still, the color choices should match your brand.


Your font choices will affect your site’s legibility, and your brand’s professionalism. If you are not sure about the best fonts to use, go for Arial, Georgia, or Helvetica.


Poor choice of images will break your site’s appearance. Good images will cost you. If you do not have a budget for high-quality images, you can use free images from Unsplash, Instagram, Flickr Creative Commons, stock.xchng, and Wikipedia. Another way to get great images is to request for permission to use them (you will be surprised at many people’s generosity).

All in All

The above tips for building a WordPress Website are by no means exhaustive. They show you that you need to create time to build an attractive and functional website. There is more to it than the installation of a great theme.

17 Aug

Feeding Hummingbirds on the Lake

Hummingbirds are the tiniest of birds that got their name from the sound produced as their beating wings flap at high frequencies. The humming sound and the birds’ tendency to hover as they feed make them interesting to watch. They have an incredibly high metabolism rate and to survive they have to go into a state of deep sleep similar to hibernation at night or whenever they are not foraging for food. They consume more than their weight in nectar a day to fuel them in their constant quest for bugs and tree sap. Their huge desire for sugar is great leverage for people who are interested in feeding hummingbirds.

Feeding Hummingbirds

All you need is a feeder from which the birds can feed as you watch. It must be easy to disassemble for better cleaning as reports show that the birds would rather starve than feed on spoilt syrup. The mixture of water and sugar goes bad in as little as two days and must be checked for mold to avoid harming the birds. In light of this you should go for basin style feeders rather than inverted-bottles if you want to attract the hummers. You might want a feeder with a perch unless you are a photographer looking to capture the perfect shot of a hovering humming bird. A perch helps the bird save calories which are essential to its survival. (we recommend Perky Pet via: http://www.hummingbirdsplus.org/feeders/glass/ )

The feeder’s location is important as it determines how well you can watch visiting birds and how easy it is for them to access the syrup. Some people would rather not put a feeder near windows to prevent injuries from hitting glass. You can deal with this by drawing blinds to alert the birds that there is an obstacle to direct flight. Hummers rarely hit windows but safety measures are never a bad idea.

Cane sugar is the best natural flower nectar supplement but some people seem to succeed at feeding hummingbirds on beet sugar. It is suggested that a hummer can tell the difference between cane and beet sugars and often rejecting the latter. Brown sugar is not an ideal choice as it contains more iron which could kill a hummingbird. Be careful of commercial sugar mixes for hummingbird feeders as they could be contaminated with harmful compounds. According to experts you should never put Jell-O, fruit, brown sugar or food coloring in your feeder. Honey should also be avoided as it ferments very fast and could kill the birds while food coloring is said to cause tumors.

While it is important to use clean water, you do not have to boil it to prevent fermentation. The microorganisms that make this happen are usually carried to the water by the bird and boiling water doesn’t help to prevent it. Ants are very pesky and will find feeders unless deliberate measures are taken to avoid that. You may use a dripless feeder to keep ants at bay or choose feeder models with built-in ant moats. Do not use oil in the ant moats though as this might harm other creatures that might feed from it. Bats are also attracted to the feeders and if they are a problem to you, use bee guards or take the feeder in at night.

Avoid using yellow colored plastic flowers on the feeders as these will attract bees, wasps and other insects besides the birds. Instead paint the feeder red or use feeders with bee guards. You might also try to move the feeder to deter insects but keep the birds coming. Insects are not too smart and if something is not at its usual place, they assume it is gone forever but hummingbirds are very smart and curious enough to locate a good source of sweet energy.

Hummingbirds are migratory birds and will not delay their schedule for any reason. Some species of the little birds visit the U.S in small numbers during winter but it is possible to attract some non-migratory species of the U. S Pacific Coast and South Western Canada all year round. Watching the lovely hummingbirds may be delightful but that pleasure comes with some responsibility. You must keep feeders clean and place them in safe spots where no harm can reach the birds that come to them.

4 Aug

Lake Conroe Communities

Whether its an idyllic holiday or a new start, Lake Conroe has the perfect facilities for it all. This secret heaven has been cultivated for the romantics at heart, filled with enchanting getaways and much more. So if you have been looking for a great place to spend some times with your loved ones, this destination should be on top of your travel list. Get ready for some authentic Texan fun, because here we have a little something for everybody. From a relaxing day at the farms to one of the most enjoyable times spent unwinding on this 22000 acre recreational lake – you can create your own special getaway. Go beyond boating, and you will discover adrenaline-packed adventures and much more.

Lake Conroe TX

You can complete your trip with hiking and a day spent in nature, walking and picnicking with your family, or an exceptionally romantic dinner for you and your significant other. If work has been getting in the way of you living your life, the La Toretta Lake Resort and Spa is never too far away. De-stress a little, and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones in the tranquil surroundings of Lake Conroe. However, if you would like to try something slightly more unconventional, go beyond and visit the Wolves of Saint Francis. These mystical creatures are waiting to create some unforgettable memories for you.

Get lost in this dreamer’s paradise this summer as the days become longer, and you have just enough time to try and cram in all that the place has to offer. There are various Lake Conroe communities for you to select from if what you’re looking for is renting a place for yourself and your family. You can decide on the perfect place depending on its location or the surrounding people. But one thing is for sure – your community is going to become your home away from home. Here, you will uncover a world where you can reconnect with your loved ones while discovering new and lasting friendships. Strangers become friends – and you can never have too many of those!

If you situate yourself near the community park, you will find yourself within walking distance of the western bank of the lake (which borders the park). Filled with enjoyment and laughter, this place is every parents’ dream and every child’s desire. Such a spot is especially recommended for families with younger children, but you’re never too old for an early morning stroll through this man made wonder.

However, no matter where you’re situated, merriment will never be too far away. Keeping in mind that the perfect holiday is made up of adventure packed days and nights of complete and total unwinding, as the sun begins to set you will find your fair share of local pubs to pick from. But if you ever find yourself in need of a suggestion, just remember – Lake Conroe is the location of 2 award winning breweries. Pick one and try it out, or better yet, visit both and decide which one gets the cake for yourself!

Lake Conroe Waterfront Realty Inc: http://www.lakeconroerealestate.org/
Fishing Lake Conroe: http://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/recreational/lakes/conroe/